Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! We are thrilled to share some wonderful Sameblood Productions-family news with you all, our extended family. After making it through a storm of film festival submissions, SAMEBLOOD’s co-producer, Osama Rasheed, and his partner Victoria have welcomed a brand new baby girl into their family! Everyone is well and we wish them all the very best (and lots of sleep).

Now that submissions are in for upcoming festivals, we’re finally at a place where we can pause and think more strategically about the long-term future of SAMEBLOOD. But there’s no rest for the weary. We’ve been working on a few other projects in the meantime. Right now we are laying the foundation to partner with accomplished Iraqi-German filmmaker Murad Atshan on a series of youth workshops here in DC, starting next year. You can read a bit more about these workshops on the Projects page.

We’re also developing our next feature film. ALIENS is a drama based on the 2007 murders of Iraqi journalists Namir Noor-Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh, and the wounding of two children, by American troops in Baghdad. With the help of one of our partners in Vienna, Mohammed Moneka, we are deep into research and are looking forward to bringing this important story to life.

And Kate is directing a short psychological drama about a man who becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman he sees at a street festival, until meeting her daughter reminds him of a life he lost. “Still Here” features Afro-Caribbean beats; Kate’s daughter, Marley, as The Daughter; and Oday Sadoon as The Man.

These are exciting times at Sameblood Productions and there’s lots to look forward to. Make sure you keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates, and thank you, dear friends, for supporting our work!