Sameblood Productions is in Beirut! Thanks to all of our friends who have supported us up to this point.

Rarely do minds meet in such deep and meaningful ways as we have experienced on this project. We are truly grateful for the dedicated artists who have given their time, energy, and talent to tell this story with us. And after working with editor Simon El Habre for the past few weeks, we can say that his vision has been essential to this process. We are now very close to a completed edit of SAMEBLOOD.

Next we will be working with a post-production studio to fine-tune the audio and picture, and also scoring the film with a composer. In order to finance these final steps, we are currently conducting a fundraising campaign. If you would like to be a SAMEBLOOD supporter, please visit to make a donation.

We will keep you updated as more exciting developments come, and the network of collaborating artists continues to grow!