Oday Sadoon is from Baghdad, Iraq. As an actor, he co-founded the Red Zone theatre company in Iraq, the mission of which is to bring interactive theatre to people without access to it, performing in schools, nursing homes, jails, and refugee camps, and invite the audience to take part. Together the troupe used art to open a dialogue about contemporary issues facing Iraqi and Middle Eastern communities. After a number of performances that garnered national and international acclaim, Oday shifted his focus to film. In Iraq, he worked as a gaffer, and also as an assistant director on several films, including Son of Babylon (Mohamed Al-Daradji, 2008), Ahlaam (Mohamed Al-Daradji, 2009), and Baghdad Nights (2006), and was a crewmember for news television as well as documentary films. He continued working in film after coming to the U.S., on projects such as The Unspeakable Act (Dan Sallitt, 2012), and then began directing. His first feature length documentary, Sameblood (produced by Kate O. Wagner), is currently in post-production. With Kate O. Wagner, Oday co-founded Sameblood Productions, and wants to use this company to continue bringing art to those for whom it could be most constructive.